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Milan Design Week 2018: Highlights, trends and reflections

Milan Design Week 2018: Highlights, trends and reflections

It is difficult not to be inspired in Milan during its famous Milan Design Week. Creativity and innovation is overflowing and it was very apparent especially with the booth designs at the fair. To us, the booth design of the various brand was one of the main attractions. It was inspiring seeing how the different brands differentiated themselves from one another and it was clear how much effort was put into designing the booths – especially with the display of the furniture and applications of lightings to the furniture. Proving that size does not matter, we were more impressed with fresh, new designs from the smaller booths. Not only were they more innovative, they were also open to sharing information about the design and exchange of ideas. As such, we have definitely collected some good ideas for our showroom at 61 Tai Seng Avenue and are excited to implement them.

d’Doubles hopes to serve its customers by being more informed about the newest and most innovative trends by the world’s top designers so that we can provide inspiring furniture solutions for our customers.

One overarching theme that was prevalent during the fair was the colour green and generally the lean towards sustainable living – and this was in line with the “Be Human” theme of Milan Design Week 2018. We also saw a shift towards more green tones – and this could be to further reflect the importance of environmentally-friendly furniture. Such colours emphasise the relationship between nature and humans and the desire to bring nature into the city in a different way.Below are some of the other highlights of the trip:


LaCividina, a brand carried at d’Doubles, also made an impression with its statement lighting pieces as well as their eye-catching, unique furniture in various hues. We were especially impressed with Waves, which is a collection of poufs inspired by the sea and the soft ripples running along the surface of the water. They can be used individually but truly come together as a fully-realised vision when they are joined together (there are magnets hidden inside the structure of each pouf). The Wave poufs are great for waiting rooms and exhibition venues. We also had the pleasure of meeting with LaCividina’s designers and we told them how much we loved their new collection.


Continuing on with the trend of iconic designs was Crassevig, which presented its new selection of table and chairs. The Beret Stool designed by Samuel Wilkinson exemplifies the Italian’s brand attention to detail, elegance and style while ensuring comfort. The circle shape of the stool has been skilfully molded with 3D technology that is stable and comfortable. The curvature and bending of the design are engineered to support the contours of the body therefore eliminating the need of a backrest.


We were not the only one’s impressed by Sitia’s Laguna modula sofa designed by Elena Trevisan. The sofa won the prestigious Silver A’Design award 2018. The beautiful sofa won because of “its superior design, providing ease of interaction or use, with high design value content, function, performance and reliability”.

The modular sofa is said to be inspired by the Venice’s artistic heritage. It boasts a 50s flavour and can be combined and reconfigured to create light and sculptural compositions. The Laguna is perfect for waiting areas and of the contemporary world at large. The Laguna comprises simple hidden linking devices that enables one to compose different individual layouts – and this adds to the beauty of the sofa.

Fruitful trip that has motivated us further to serve our customers better

Overall, this was a very fruitful trip and through this visit, we are able to provide more options that are unique and eye-catching to our local market designers and buyers. We have also been inspired to further liven up our showroom so that our customers can be see our passion and devotion to good design.