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d’Doubles: Committed to good design and innovation

d’Doubles: Committed to good design and innovation

Proving that we are not just a furniture retail store, d’Doubles’ keen eye for design and innovation was rewarded with the Good Design Award for their submission of the Oxidesk, which was designed by Markant. The Oxidesk, designed by Markant, is an innovative design that allows office workers to engage in desk-bound tasks while getting physically active.

“This is what d’Doubles is about. We have a good eye for design and innovation and are committed to bringing that out to the world,” says Luyun Choo, the co-founder of d’Doubles. “This award validates our belief that we should be closely collaborating with our principal designers so that we bring the best to our customers”.

d’Doubles is very design-oriented and are therefore always looking out for unique and innovative designs which explains why they enjoy such good working relationships with the designers they work with.

“This Good Design Award tells us that we have to continue having that eye for design and cement our relationship with principal designers to bring more innovation into the furniture retail scene here. That is what sets us apart,” says Luyun.

As such, d’Doubles is looking forward to collaborating with more designers – especially local ones and bring to Singapore good and innovative designs that are also sustainable. Sustainability was a key trend during their recent trip to Milan Design Week and hope to incorporate more of that into the furniture scene here as d’Doubles continues to evolve.

d’Doubles had humble beginnings with its first three-story 2800 sq ft showroom office established in 2010 at Newton Road. Since then, the showroom space has expanded to its current 7,000 sq ft at Tai Seng Avenue. The bigger space has allowed the company to better curate their furniture and showcase renowned international brands that have come up with exquisite designs and products.

“While bringing in these exquisite designs, we want to make sure that we continue to evolve and be innovative while also keeping up with the latest changes in technology and global trends. This means that we will build extensive business partnerships and networks globally – including in the Asia Pacific region,” says Luyun.

With the increasing importance of bringing convenience to our customers, d’Doubles will be launching its own e-marketplace. “This is something that we are very excited about because it fulfils our desire to bring good design to customers in a way that really suits the needs of our customers”.

Of course, while good design remains one of the core missions at d’Doubles, the company lives by their statement: “To grow, To Give”.

These two fundamental attributes have become the core tenets of the company and the way it operates. Each employee intrinsically embodies the statement and what it means.